Are you prepared for the snow storm?


Are you prepared for the snow storm?

Ways to Prepare Your Car for a Winter Emergency

1. Keep your gas tank at least half full
Allowing your gas gauge to get down to “E” is not a good idea during the winter months for several reasons. First, when there’s very little gas in your car the lines can freeze, which means your car won’t start. Second, if you get stuck while you’re travelling you’re going to need every drop of gas to stay warm.

2. Winterize your car
Make sure your car’s radiator system is working effectively. Replace your windshield wiper fluid with an anti-freezing solution. And check your tire treads; if any are getting worn down, now is the time to replace them so you have adequate traction in the snow.

3. Prepare an emergency kit
Can you imagine being stuck in your car for 24 hours or more, in sub-zero temperatures? It’s happened to plenty of people in the past, and many people have died from exposure in such situations. Keep the following in your car during the winter months, just in case you get trapped:
•A warm blanket or two
•Extra antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid
•A flashlight
•High-energy snacks (like granola, peanut butter crackers, energy bars)
•Jumper cables
•A small shovel
•A snow scraper
•A tow chain
•An extra hat, scarf and set of gloves
•Road salt or sand
•Matches and a small can (to melt snow for water)

4. Know what NOT to do
If you’re stuck in your car, you might be tempted to run it constantly to keep warm. Don’t! You’ll quickly use up your gas. Instead, run your car for 10 minutes every hour. And make sure you get out periodically to check on your exhaust pipe — if it gets blocked by snow, you could die from carbon monoxide poisoning. You can also keep one window open a tiny crack to clear fumes.

You also shouldn’t eat snow for hydration. Your body uses precious energy to melt that snow into water, and it also lowers your body temperature. Instead, put the snow in a small cup or container and hold it close to you, giving it time to melt. Then it’s safe to drink.

Have any of you ever been stranded in your home or car during a snow or ice storm? What did you do to get by?

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