A self-driving bus?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

Check this out!

Self-driving cars are unlikely to reach the public until the next decade, but a self-driving bus will be serving – and talking to – US citizens within a year.

The electric shuttle from Local Motors named “Olli” is on trial in the Washington area, and the company is planning a commercial launch in 2017 in several cities including Las Vegas and Miami.

Olli can carry 12 passengers, and it is initially expected to provide public transport in closed network locations such as campuses and airports, before branching into new functions and locations.

The partly 3D printed vehicle is the first to integrate IBM’s “Watson” cognitive computing technology, allowing passengers to interact with it and ask questions, such as what route the bus is taking and what attractions their destination offers.
“Many companies are working on autonomous vehicles,” says Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers. “We hope to be among the first to make it real.”

What do you guys think about this self-driving bus?


( New sources & Photo credits : CNN)


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